Tired of Periods That Control Your Life?

Are you exhausted from dealing with painful cramps that keep you curled up in the fetal position, unpredictable periods that disrupt your plans, and cravings that sabotage your healthy eating goals?

Or maybe your period is playing hide and seek, disappearing for months only to come back with a vengeance. It's like your body’s got its own twisted game going on.

And those mood swings? They make you feel like you’re losing your mind. It’s exhausting and overwhelming, but guess what? You’re not alone.

If you’re always wondering when (or if) your period is going to show up, worried that your irregular cycles mean you might not be able to have kids one day, or if you're told everything is "normal" but you know deep down that something is off, this is for you.

You don’t have to live like this anymore. Imagine knowing exactly when your period is coming, managing those cramps without needing to stay in bed all day, and feeling like yourself again.

Let’s change this together. Claim Your Spot in Fix Your Flo 101 Now!

Why Your Other Attempts Haven't Worked

You've probably tried everything under the sun: birth control, Provera, Clomid – the whole pharmaceutical parade. But here’s the thing, those methods are like putting a Band-Aid on a broken leg. They might mask the symptoms temporarily, but they don’t address the root cause of your hormonal imbalances.

Birth Control: Sure, it can regulate your cycle, but at what cost? It’s like putting your hormones on autopilot without fixing the underlying issues. Plus, the side effects can be a nightmare – weight gain, mood swings, and let's not even start on the long-term health risks.

Provera: This synthetic hormone might kickstart your period, but it doesn’t teach your body how to maintain a natural cycle. It’s like forcing your body to run a marathon without any training. The result? You’re back to square one as soon as you stop taking it.

Clomid: If you've been trying to get pregnant, Clomid might seem like a miracle pill. But if your hormones are out of whack, it’s like trying to bake a cake without addressing why the oven isn’t heating properly. It’s not sustainable and often leads to more frustration and disappointment.

Here’s Your Life After Fixing Your Period

Regular Cycles: Your period showing up on time, every time? Yes, please! Imagine planning your life without the constant worry of your period playing hide and seek. Important meeting, vacation, date night? No problem. Your cycle’s got your back.

Renewed Confidence: Knowing your body is finally getting with the program brings a whole new level of confidence. You’re no longer feeling out of sync or anxious about your reproductive health. Instead, you’re strutting your stuff like the boss you are.

Balanced Mood and Energy:
With your hormones balanced, your mood and energy levels are on point. Imagine powering through your busy days with consistent energy and still having enough left in the tank to enjoy your evenings. Yes, you can have it all!

Enhanced Fertility: Thinking about starting a family? Having a regular cycle is a game-changer. Picture yourself celebrating positive pregnancy tests and looking forward to the joy of motherhood, knowing your body is ready for the journey.

Improved Overall Well-being: A regular period is a sign that everything’s working as it should. You’ll notice better digestion, clearer skin, and a sharper mind. Imagine feeling healthier, more vibrant, and like your best self every single day.

Meet Your PCOS Coach:

Registered Nurse and Award Winning PCOS Hormone Coach


Hi, I'm Tianna

I created Love Served Warm after losing my first pregnancy at 6 months pregnant and completely spiraling.  40+ pounds overweight, and struggling with crippling anxiety and depression, I found a way to reverse it all naturally and I'm excited to show you how.

I am a Masters Prepared Registered Nurse with over a decade of experience in Women's health and a 5x certified PCOS Hormone Coach. My personal and professional experience has made me the perfect person to show you exactly how to reverse your PCOS symptoms naturally. Without giving up the foods you love the most or doing any intense workout plans.

What's The Process... 

Module: One

What's a Normal Period?

Module: Two

Your Period Is Talking, Are You Listening?

Module: Three

Your Period and PCOS: What's the Connection?

Module: Four

Understanding Your Period Hormones

Module: Five

Ovulation The Main Event &Medicine Free PMS Support

Module: Six

PMS Pain Pain Go Away, Come Again Another Day

Module: Seven

Eating to Support Your Flo

Module: Eight

What's The 411 on PCOS Supplementation

Module: Nine

Why Birth Control Is Not The Answer

Module: Ten

Tampons, Pads, & Menstrual Cups, Oh my!

Real Stories, Real Relief: Discover How Fix Your Flo 101 Transformed Lives

"After 24 years of struggling with painful periods, I am finally pain free. I cannot thank Tianna enough for what she has done or me"

"Repairing my cycle and seeing myself ovulate was very emotional for me.  I can't recommend this program enough"

What You'll Instantly Receive When You Join:

Video Lessons: Understand your cycle with our engaging video sessions.

Predictability with Personalized Cycle Tracking: Predict and plan your irregular cycle with our specialized tools.

Hormone Friendly Nutrition & Recipes: Enjoy foods that support your body and soothe your symptoms.

Period Pain Management Strategies: Tailor pain relief to your body’s needs.

Interactive Workbooks: Solidify your learning and apply it directly to your life with engaging exercises. 

Ongoing Updates: Stay informed with the latest in menstrual health.

Enhanced Well-being with Bonus Lifestyle Content: Get holistic tips on stress, sleep, and lifestyle management.

And So Much More...


Live Videos From Fix Your Flo 101 Curriculum

$4997 (Value)

Private Facebook Group

$4997 (Value)

Convenient, Delicious Period Friendly Meal Plans 

$497 (Value)

Quick and Easy Period Friendly Recipes and Shopping lists

$497 (Value)

Personalized Supplement Guide

$197 (Value)

Tools and Worksheets to Track and Monitor Progress

$497 (Value)

Printable Course Workbook

$97 (Value)

TOTAL VALUE: $12,345





Live Educational Videos 

$4997 (Value)

Private FB group

$4997 (Value)

Cycle Healing Meal Plans 

$497 (Value)

Quick and Easy PCOS Recipes and Shopping Lists

$497 (Value)

Personalized Supplement Guide and Discount Codes

$197 (Value)

Tools and Worksheets to Track and Monitor Your Cycle

$497 (Value)

Printable Fix Your Flo 1o1 Course Workbook

$97 (Value)

Sensuality Masterclass- BONUS

$500 (Value)

Live Your Best Life Masterclass- BONUS

$500 (Value)

TOTAL VALUE: $12,779


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More Client Love 

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