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3 Secrets to Reversing Your PCOS, Naturally 

This is the last PCOS webinar you will ever need, GUARANTEED! Learn exactly how to understand what is causing your PCOS symptoms, and reverse them naturally. No diet or exercise needed!


Secret #1

Your Period is Not Normal

Even if you think your period is normal. Find out how PCOS affects your period.


Secret #2

Diets Don't Work!

How many times have you been told that all you need to do is just lose weight yet you CANT no matter much you diet


Secret #3

Say No to Birth Control 

You know that birth control does not solve the problem and is just a bandaid that works as long as you remain a slave to the pill 

This is For you If;

  • You have Irregular Menstrual Cycles
  • You experience Hormonal Imbalances
  • ​​You struggle with Unwanted Hair Growth
  • ​You suffer from Acne and Skin Issues​
  • ​You have Infertility Concerns
  • ​You experience Mood Swings and Emotional Distress:
  • ​You face Weight Management Challenges
  • ​You suffer from Fatigue and Low Energy

Your PCOS Coach

Tianna is a masters prepared Registered Nurse and PCOS hormone coach. She created her business after losing her first pregnancy at 6 months pregnant to PCOS hormonal imbalances. After losing over 40 pounds, reversing her own PCOS symptoms and having two successful pregnancies after serval miscarriages. Tianna is passionate about sharing her signature protocol with women struggling with PCOS symptoms. 

With over a decade of experience in women's health. Tianna helps women learn how to holistically manage and reverse their PCOS symptoms, naturally. No more outdated PCOS advice such as "Lose weight and come back when you want to get pregnant". Tianna aims to teach women body literacy and self advocacy to help women who were once in her shoes. Overcome the overwhelm and debilitative symptoms of PCOCS without becoming a slave to conventional medicine such as birth control. 



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Customer Satisfaction 


Women Served 

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Client Reviews

"I had two goals when working with Tianna, to get pregnant and not to develop gestational diabetes. Not only did I get pregnant and have a healthy pregnancy, but I had a healthy delivery to my baby boy!"

"After being on birth control for over 10 years, Tianna helped me get off birth control and get my period back by doing the bare minimum. Her program is defiantly lazy girl approved!"

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