Break Free from Menstrual Misery: Embrace Predictable, Pain-Free Periods with Fix Your Flo 101

Break Free from Menstrual Misery: Embrace Predictable, Pain-Free Periods with Fix Your Flo 101

Your New Reality: Transform Your Cycle, Transform Your Life

Unlock a Natural, Pain-Free Period and Master Your Ovulation Cycle.

Say goodbye to the unpredictability that leads to canceled plans and the dread of painful days. Our course equips you with the knowledge to live fully every day, even during your period, steering clear of birth control and IVF paths.

From the very first day of your cycle, feel the difference: no rush for pain medication, just stability and comfort. 

Learn natural, effective strategies to not only ease into your period but to also know exactly when you're ovulating—or to naturally kickstart ovulation if you're not.

Gain clear insights into what your body needs, making your period a seamless part of your life, not an interruption.

Live fully, without pain or mood swings holding you back, ensuring your relationships thrive as you stay present and engaged.

Join us to not just fix your period, but to also gain precise control over your ovulation. Achieve a naturally balanced cycle, say goodbye to pain, and welcome the best version of your life—empowered, informed, and free from dependency on birth control or IVF solutions

Imagine a Life Where Your Body Works With You, Not Against You.

Picture waking up on the first day of your cycle, free from the dread of painful cramps that used to keep you sidelined. Instead, you feel ready to take on your day, pain-free.

Understanding your body so well that you know exactly when you're ovulating. This isn't just about now—it's about being able to plan for a family on your terms, when you're ready

Say goodbye to those intense cravings that throw your life off balance before your period starts. Imagine feeling in control, stable, and at peace with your body throughout the month.

​And all that cash you could have dropped on IVF?
Imagine what you can do with that. Whether it’s spoiling your future little one, investing in a new home, or treating yourself to a well-deserved getaway, you’re setting yourself up for all kinds of wins.

This isn't just a dream. It's within your reach. By mastering your menstrual cycle and ovulation, you're not just fixing these issues; you're opening up a new chapter of your life. A chapter where you're empowered, informed, and in full control of your fertility and well-being.

You have the power to change your life, to turn pain and uncertainty into empowerment and clarity. Let's make this your reality 

Meet Your PCOS Coach:

Registered Nurse and Award Winning PCOS Hormone Coach


Hi, I'm Tianna

I created Love Served Warm after losing my first pregnancy at 6 months pregnant and completely spiraling.  40+ pounds overweight, and struggling with crippling anxiety and depression, I found a way to reverse it all naturally and I'm excited to show you how.

I am a Masters Prepared Registered Nurse with over a decade of experience in Women's health and a 5x certified PCOS Hormone Coach. My personal and professional experience has made me the perfect person to show you exactly how to reverse your PCOS symptoms naturally. Without giving up the foods you love the most or doing any intense workout plans.

What's The Process... 

Module: One

What's a Normal Period?

Module: Two

Your Period Is Talking, Are You Listening?

Module: Three

Your Period and PCOS: What's the Connection?

Module: Four

Understanding Your Period Hormones

Module: Five

Ovulation The Main Event &Medicine Free PMS Support

Module: Six

PMS Pain Pain Go Away, Come Again Another Day

Module: Seven

Eating to Support Your Flo

Module: Eight

What's The 411 on PCOS Supplementation

Module: Nine

Why Birth Control Is Not The Answer

Module: Ten

Tampons, Pads, & Menstrual Cups, Oh my!

Real Stories, Real Relief: Discover How Fix Your Flo 101 Transformed Lives

"After 24 years of struggling with painful periods, I am finally pain free. I cannot thank Tianna enough for what she has done or me"

"Repairing my cycle and seeing myself ovulate was very emotional for me.  I can't recommend this program enough"

What You'll Instantly Receive When You Join:

Video Lessons: These video sessions bring you an understanding of your cycle. 

Predictability with Personalized Cycle Tracking: Our specialized tools aren’t just for tracking; they’re your key to predicting and planning your irregular cycle. 

Hormone Friendly Nutrition & Recipes: Enjoy in foods that love you back. Our hormone-balancing recipes and nutrition guide transform eating from a chore to a joy, supporting your body and soothing your symptoms.

Period Pain Management Strategies: Tailor them to your body’s needs and experience less pain, more productivity, and more enjoyment in life, even during your period.

Interactive Workbooks: Solidify your learning and apply it directly to your life with engaging exercises. 

Community Support: Join a circle of women who truly understand. In this exclusive community, share, learn, and grow in a space that’s rooted in empathy and shared experience.

Ongoing Updates: Keep your knowledge current with continuous course updates. It’s not just learning; it’s staying informed with the most recent advancements in menstrual health.

Enhanced Well-being with Bonus Lifestyle Content: Unlock a holistic approach to menstrual health. These bonus materials on stress, sleep, and lifestyle management offer benefits that extend beyond your period.

And So Much More...


Live Videos From Fix Your Flo 101 Curriculum

$4997 (Value)

Convenient, Delicious Period Friendly Meal Plans 

$497 (Value)

Quick and Easy Period Friendly Recipes and Shopping lists

$497 (Value)

Personalized Supplement Guide

$197 (Value)

Tools and Worksheets to Track and Monitor Progress

$497 (Value)

Printable Course Workbook

$97 (Value)

TOTAL VALUE: $12,345





Live Educational Videos From Fix Your Flo 101 Curriculum

$4997 (Value)

Convenient, Delicious PCOS Meal Plans 

$497 (Value)

Quick and Easy PCOS Recipes and Shopping lists

$497 (Value)

Personalized Supplement Guide and Discount Codes

$197 (Value)

Private FB Community

$997 (Value)

Tools and Worksheets to Track and Monitor Your Cycle

$497 (Value)

Printable Fix Your Flo 1o1 Course Workbook

$97 (Value)

Sensuality Masterclass- BONUS

$500 (Value)

Live Your Best Life Masterclass- BONUS

$500 (Value)

TOTAL VALUE: $12,345


Unlock Exclusive Access to Fix Your Flo 101 Today for JUST


More Client Love 

More Client Love 

Do you offer any refunds?

Due to the electronic and instant download of the course materials. No refunds or exchanges are provided for any reason. 

Do you take insurance?

You can make a claim with your insurance company or pay using HSA/FSA. I do not accept insurance at this time