I know you’ve been starting over every month, telling yourself, “I’ll meal prep this week,” knowing you barely have time to breathe, let alone cook.

You've bought meal plans with the best intentions but never have the energy to follow through.

The intense cravings and exhaustion have you stuck in a frustrating cycle of starting over and over again. Sis, it’s time to break free.

Let the PCOS Weight Loss Masterclass show you how to balance your hormones, conquer those cravings, and reclaim your confidence.

You deserve this.


Let's Get Real About What You’re Feeling:

Overwhelmed and Stressed: You’re juggling a million things, but finding the right solution for your PCOS weight loss feels impossible.

Embarrassed and Insecure: Cancelling plans with friends because you can’t find an outfit that makes you feel like yourself.

Exhausted and Stuck: You’re doing everything right, but when you step on the scale, those same numbers keep mocking you.

Frustrated and Hopeless: Nothing fits right, and every wardrobe battle just highlights the stuff you wish you could hide.


🌟 The Good News? We've Got Your Back:

Our PCOS Weight Loss Masterclass is your personal guide, packed with practical tips and unwavering support to help you navigate the ups and downs.

Learn how to naturally balance your hormones to ease PCOS symptoms and start feeling like yourself again.

Understand how to tackle insulin resistance head-on and finally see those stubborn pounds drop off.

Discover the foods wreaking havoc on your hormones and how to replace them with nourishing alternatives.

Uncover how your diet can impact testosterone levels, leading to PCOS symptoms like lack of ovulation, hair loss, and acne.

Find out how to shed pounds without restrictive diets or intense workouts through simple, practical lifestyle shifts.

Build a positive relationship with your body, while healing your current relationship with food.

Get simple, time-saving meal prep hacks that’ll keep you nourished without spending hours in the kitchen.

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Meet Your PCOS Coach

Tianna T.

Hey Cyster, I’m Tianna, a Master’s-prepared Registered Nurse, PCOS hormone coach, and a woman who’s walked this PCOS journey myself. Growing up, I really thought I was just big-boned and that weightless was impossible, but I was really battling PCOS. I know what it’s like to struggle with that stubborn hormone belly, being 40+ pounds overweight, and feeling like you're always starting over.

​But I’ve learned how to beat the cravings, balance my hormones, and reclaim my confidence—and I’m here to show you how to do it too. In the PCOS Weight Loss Masterclass, I’ll guide you with simple, sustainable strategies to finally break free from the cycle and start living your best life.


"Working With Tianna Had Changed My Life!"

See What Others Are Saying 

OMG! Tianna is a GENUIS! Working with her has absolutely changed my life. I came to her now knowing what to eat to lose weight and fix my period, and let me tell you she did not disappoint!

6 Figure Social Media Manager

Within 30 days of working, I've lost 12-13 pounds and I'm not doing anything hard like working out or giving up the foods I eat, its more about understanding my body and hormones.

Stage Director 

I had been working out at the gym for about a year with little to no results. Once I started following Tianna's framework, my body composition really began to change and I FINALLY got the results I needed!

Doctor of 


💡 What's Different This Time?

💼 Simple, Practical Strategies: Life is busy, and no one has time for complicated diets or impossible workout routines. Our masterclass fits seamlessly into your hectic schedule with easy strategies you can actually stick to.

​​​🎯 Real Results, Not Gimmicks: Fad diets and restrictive plans just aren’t sustainable. We focus on practical lifestyle changes that don’t require you to count every calorie or track every meal.


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