Ready to Take Charge of Your PCOS Symptoms Naturally? Discover a Life Free from Medications, Birth Control, and Crash Diets for Long-Term Hormone Balance.

Ready to FINALLY Reverse Your PCOS symptoms, Naturally. Without Medications, Surgeries, or Restrictive Diets.

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I'm Tianna...

After losing my first pregnancy at 6 months pregnant due to hormonal imbalances, I set out on a mission to empower women in reversing their PCOS symptoms naturally. With a Master's degree in Nursing and more than a decade of experience, I have dedicated myself to simplifying complex medical information about hormones into an easy-to-follow system. 

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Our Mission

Creating a supportive and understanding environment that provides practical solutions for managing PCOS symptoms and promoting overall better health. 

My Mission

Driven by a passion for empowering women, our mission is to provide a nurturing and supportive environment for those navigating the complexities of PCOS. Through personalized coaching, community support, and evidence-based strategies, we are committed to guiding women on a transformative journey towards optimal health, well-being, and a fulfilled life, despite the challenges of PCOS.

Private PCOS 


Your ultimate solution for overcoming PCOS symptoms, naturally. Say goodbye to everything that hasn't worked in the past and finally gain clarity on the exact steps you need to take to put an end to your frustrating symptoms. My revolutionary protocol consists of 5 carefully crafted phases, meticulously customized to address your specific PCOS symptoms.

This is a private coaching progr This program cuts through the noise, and provides comprehensive holistic hormone knowledge personalized to you. Our dedicated concierge hormone coaching program includes exclusive access to a private award winning personal PCOS coach, monitoring app; and support available 24/5 to ensure you actually hit your goals. 

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Fix Your Flo 101

Signature course

Whether your period has been MIA due to stress, health issues, or unknown reasons, this course is designed to help you understand your body's signals, balance your hormones, and expereince a regular painless cycle again. 

Cyster Cyster

Group Coaching Program

A 12 Week Group Coaching Program to Fix Your Cycle, Get Your Energy Back, and Drop the Weight Naturally-In a Community of Women That Gets it..

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What My Clients Are Saying 

Proven Results...


“Best in the world!”

“Before working with Tianna, I couldn't ovulate on my own and my periods were painful and late. Within 30 days of working with her, I am ovulating and down 13 pounds, all naturally.” 
- Katherine


“I'm Pregnant!”

“ had two goals when working with Tianna... To get pregnant with PCOS and not to develop gestational diabetes. I am now pregnant and healthy thanks to Tianna!”  
- Jessica


“Lazy girl approved!”

“I am not even going to lie, by doing the bare minimum. I was able to get my period back after being on birth control for over 10 years. This program is definitely lazy girl approved.”  
- Courteney

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